Looking for the best longboard surfing spots on the Sunshine Coast? Well, search no longer!

We asked our community of surfers in Noosa, ranging from young local loggers through to the most seasoned mal-riders, about where to find longboard-friendly waves in the area. And while they didn’t divulge any of their secret breaks (this time), we believe they’ve given us the crème de la crème when it comes to the finest longboard surf spots on the Sunshine Coast!

Longboarding spots in Noosa

Wave name: Noosa Heads

Wave type: Pointbreak

Best conditions:  East-northeast swell / Southerly wind

Considered to be Nirvana on earth for salty longboarding stalwarts, Noosa Heads is home to a series of lengthy righthand pointbreaks of mythical proportions.

There’s Granite Bay and Tea Tree at the top, then its National Park, Johnsons and First Point – all of which pump during an east-northeast cyclone swell. Of course, they don’t break all the time, but when the waves do materialise, it’s drop-what-you’re-doing and get the hell out there.

Longboard surfing spots in Coolum

Wave name: Coolum Beach

Wave type: Beachbreak

Best conditions: North, east or south swell / Westerly wind

Besides the fact that there’s a giant bottle shop and friendly open-plan pub just across the street, Coolum Beach also has some fantastic longboarding waves.

Wide and flat with peaks that break out the back before rolling into the shore, you can easily find a sandbank all to yourself. However, we suggest bringing your buddies, after all, surfing is more fun with friends.

Longboarding spots in Maroochydore

Wave name: Maroochydore Beach

Wave type: Beachbreak

Best conditions: East-southeast swell / Southwest wind

While it may not have the same stellar reputation as some of its northern neighbours, Maroochydore Beach can still deliver longboard-worthy surf.

Like most beachies, the quality of the surf is very dependent on the tide and the sandbanks. Manage to score it when it’s on though and you’ll be kicking yourself you didn’t get there sooner. For sure it’s one of the best longboard surfing spots on the Sunshine Coast.

Longboard surfing spots in Alexandra Headland

Wave name: Alexandra Headland

Wave type: Point and beachbreak

Best conditions: Southeast swell / Southwest wind

Hankering for a quality longboard surfing spot with a bit of grunt? Then Alexandra Headland will be right up your alley. It’s a righthand pointbreak running into a sand bottom that can get quite heavy (and very busy). Definitely not somewhere that we recommend learning to surf, but worth a check when the conditions align.

Longboard surfing spots in Mooloolaba

Wave name: Point Cartwright

Wave type: Reef and pointbreak

Best conditions: East swell / Southerly or southwest winds

Speaking of grunt, Point Cartwright in Mooloolaba also packs a punch. Another righthander, this one runs off a man-made groin just south of the Mooloolah River.

There’s tube section, a steep takeoff and a relatively well-established pecking order in the lineup. As such, getting a wave here can be harder than trying to guess how many “Os” are in the word “Mooloolaba”.

Longboard surfing spots in Caloundra

Wave name: Moffats Point

Wave type: Pointbreak

Best conditions: East swell / Southwest wind

Finally, we have Moffats Point – one of the best longboard surfing spots on the Sunshine Coast and also one of the longest.

This righthander picks up swell of all sizes and from all directions, so it’s pretty consistent. However, this means that it can get crowded with other longboard fanatics and experienced surfers. For those who don’t mind sharing waves though, it should be said that one ride at Moffats Point is enough to fill your stoke tank.