zero-skate-boards-australia-300x298Zero has been making strides in the industry as a leader in building excellent brand loyalty. One of the ways they have built loyalty with shop owners is by enticing them to give precedence to their brand over others. How? By offering excellent discounts for shops that agree not to carry blank decks. These discounts allow them to either pass the saving onto customers or allow the shops to increase their bottom lines- brilliant from a sales perspective.

In addition to fostering excellent business to business relationships, their team has some of the industry’s most sought after riders including Jamie Thomas and Chris Cole; not to mention Tancowny, Brockman, Garrett, Ratray, Sandoval and Sauder.


Known for their edgy skull logo, it even appeared in Disney’s ‘Toy Story’ on Sid’s T-Shirt. (Now you’re going to watch Toy Story aren’t you?) The Zero skate deck graphics stick to the darker side of things without going overboard with extremely devilish icons like some other companies; so they manage to keep one foot in cool while maintaining a levelheaded approach to ‘living on the edge’. And anyone who’s ever been to their distribution warehouse can tell you what a skater’s paradise they run, complete with a killer indoor, warehouse skate park on site!

The weakness to their spring 2012 catalog is the fact that they seem to have run out of ideas for cool new product (especially in their apparel line). Most everything they are offering this season has already been offered in past catalogs, with very few new designs added. Most products this year seem to be retro best-sellers.


While the strength of the brand lies in its loyalty to theme, it weakness lies in new cutting-edge designs. Having said that, once you become a Zero fan, you’ll always be a Zero fan; even though they haven’t been full of many drastic changes over the years, it’s part of the appeal of the brand. Zero sticks to it’s roots, and this is the key reason it has been such a popular brand, being a reliable source of tried and true products, year after year.

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