vans-skate-brandThe humble Vans skate shoe is probably the most well know name when it comes to extreme sports lifestyle, has one of the largest selections in footwear catering to urban lifestyle and beyond. Since their humble beginnings they have moved into virtually every market, catering to men, women and children in a plethora of styles and uses.

Their casual shoes range from slip-ons to the iconic canvas lace-up shoes, designed for comfort and leisure but not lacking in quality for extreme activities, like kick-flipping 20-foot gaps. You probably wouldn’t pick it, but Vans even have a line of shoes for formal use. Though Van’s caters to footwear for every walk of life, in very individualized styles and cutting edge materials, they are still best known for being one of the leading brands in skate shoes.

While offering top quality, Vans also offers a rage of price points that fit virtually any budget, from only $20 and up. On some lines they even offer the opportunity to create custom Vans shoes based on selections from a color chart. Only Vans can offer this because of their diversity and vast manufacturing capability.

bondi-bowl-a-ramaVans are recognised as one of the best skate shoes around by most of the top skaters, but Vans’ supremacy also spans into more than just their footwear. The company are well known for their freakin’ awesome international events, including the annual Vans Warped Tour in the U.S. which brings together the best punk rock acts together with skate demos and more, for an action packed music festival that rivals the best of them.  In Australia, we can’t wait for the Vans sponsored Bondi Bowl-a-Rama, held at the relatively new but already world famous pool bowl at Bondi Beach, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs (check out our favourite video from Bondi Bowlarama 2012).

Vans continues to lead the industry and influence other footwear companies. Other brands have attempted to imitate Vans design and technology, but they only come off as knock-offs. The genuine Vans products is well known for its waffle sole and crazy prints, including like checkers, skulls and flames.

vans-hatWhen it comes to stuff you can wear, Vans are not limited to just shoes. They have a wide range of accessories and apparel, often designed to match their wild shoes designs. They produce quality outerwear, t-shirts, backpacks, denim and everything else for all ages and gender specifics… something for everyone in the family.

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