penny-logoPenny skate boards are all the rage right now! When I was a kid I had this little red fiberglass skateboard with tiny trucks- it almost looked like a pair of roller skates had been stuck to the bottom of the plastic skate board deck. Well, today’s Penny cruiser skateboards are a modern version of those 1970’s classics.

At 22” long and only 6” wide, they take a little getting used to if you’re accustomed to riding 8” freestyle boards. They are shaped like little mini torpedoes with no concave or pop. After all, Penny boards are not meant for tricks, since they are part of the cruiser family (though that doesn’t stop some tricksters from a good challenge). I’d even say these are the cruiser board’s little brother, since most cruiser boards are a lot wider and usually longer too.
penny-yellow-plastic-skateboard-300x300Instead of grip, they laud a waffle-cone service akin to the Van’s skate shoe soles that you’ll never have to re-grip. Penny’s completes come in a variety of colors, at the time of writing they have 14 in their range (including a model which features atransparent plastic skateboard deck, and even a glow in the dark skateboard deck!) constructed of modern plastics, alloys and composites to increase durability and ride-ability. They’re flexible and lightweight for an easy to make a beer run (though we wouldn’t recommend riding while intoxicated of course).

The best characteristics of the Penny skateboard range are their size, durability and lifespan. They are equipped wth 3-inch Penny branded hanger trucks and 59mm/78A Penny wheels with Abec 3 bearings. They can fit in a backpack with ease, so they are ideal sized boards for commuting home from the bus stop or train station.

With a deck as long-lasting as these Penny decks are, you’ll save a lot of money not having to replace wooden decks that get razor tail and dog bites. They’ve become to popular over the past few years that other board companies are jumping on the bandwagon and coming up with their own version of this retro gem. The most popular alternative at this point in time is the Globe Bantam, which has a recommended retail price that is $10 cheaper than the Penny and of a very similar quality and appearance.

No matter how many imitations are released, Penny plastic skate boards will always be the leaders in the mini cruiser market. Their distinctive branding, quality and style just can’t be imitated…and neither can the gravel rash you will inevitably sustain attempting to be the first to bomb the biggest hill in your neighbourhood on your Penny before your mates do.

So, if you’ve read this far no doubt you are keen snapping up a Penny skateboard, but do you want us to show you how to save a few bucks?  Just jump onto and you’ll find the best prices on Penny skate boards by comparing prices from all major Australian skateboard stores.