girl-skate-boards-logoThe Girl skate brand  is probably most well know for its badass team, led by skate legends like Eric Koston,Guy Mariano, and Sean Malto. But of course, it doesn’t matter how great they are, if they don’t have decent equipment.  Girl sticks to the tried and tested basics. They don’t rely on technology gimmicks or new materials like some of the other companies in the industry.

Clever branding keeps their graphics team on their toes and in constant brainstorming mode, trying to come up with the next series of Girl icon decks. It takes a creative set of minds to keep reinventing the wheel when it comes to redesigning the same logo over and over… but they always manage to pull it off.


Yeah, you’ve seen it, that icon that appears on the ladies restroom door; but to a skater, the icon doesn’t spell pee-break or nose powdering… it means so much more. Shredding!

Those who follow Girl are devout, but it takes a special skater to ride their boards. They tend to be flatter than other decks on the market, less pop and shallow concave. But that doesn’t mean less quality, it boils down to preference.


Some guys dig curves… but those who love Girl, prefer their ride to be flat and tough.  Sorry, we couldn’t resist the pun.

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