I am biased, Enjoi has to be one of my all-time favorite board companies. Chalk it up to my tacky sense of humor. Enjoi is known for their comical tag lines and off-color slogans.

In addition to having great product that appeals to blokes with a laid back, fun-loving personality, they also have a kickass team! Jerry Hsu, Louie Barletta, Caswell Berry, Weiger Van Wageningen (oh yeah, they have lots of fun creating rip-lines with his name), Jose Rojo, Cairo Foster, Clark Hassler, Nestor Judkins and Ben Raemers. Together, these guys are a force not to reckon with.

Enjoi skateboards ingenious taglines and ads have stunned the world with such cleverness as the Enjoi shirt that says “This is an Enjoi T-Shirt”, or “Dude, if you die can I have your Enjoi deck?”, and the invention of the inflatable corn turd.

Their spring 2012 catalog is loaded with  rad gear. A new line of carbon fiber decks, a whole new line of wonderfully tacky board graphics (my personal favorite is Weiger Van Wageningen’s team deck which features a bidet surrounded by little birdies seeking a birdbath in a golden shower of pee pee), a new line of t-shirts (they’ve brought back the humping pandas, only this time humping a cell phone; a spin on sexting), and a great new line of spring and summer attire to meet your slumming need to dress-down.

While the strength of the brand lies in its clever punch lines, some would argue that it’s also Enjoi’s weakness; famous for offending mothers and dropping jaws world-wide.

If you haven’t had a chance to sample the pure awesomeness of Enjoi’s coolness, then you haven’t seen their video collection (my personal favorite features Mr. T on a “fool” rampage ).  If you’ve not experienced the luxury of skating an Enjoi board, then I hate to say it, but “I pity you, fool.”

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