It’s no secret that the majority of the skate brands out there glorify the high life; parties, girls, pranks…But Element skate boards sing to a different tune (not that they don’t have their wild side) rather, their motto focuses less on the partying aspect of skating and more on the technical and symbolic.

One quality that sets the Element skate brand apart from the rest of the skate industry is their environmental awareness campaign. They are also one of the only skate companies that manufacture a line of products specifically catering to women, particularly when it comes to fashion. It seems like their ethos revolves around duality and balance, and their products stand up against the competition.

Element, well known for their fiberlight Element skate decks (wood blended with fiberglass for light weight and durability) and featherlight decks (which use thinner veneers to reduce weight), revolutionized experimental deck composition. While other companies have attempted to imitate Element’s technology without appearing to be copy-cats, Element continues to develop products that keep skaters guessing what’s next.

They’ve even stepped into the longboarding and cruiser market recently, offering a wide variety of sleek Element cruiser board designs and quality boards that appeal to a vast customer base.

The main aspect that sets Element apart from the competition is their product range. They offer one of the widest selections of branded product from Element skate shoes and complete lines of seasonal apparel and clothing, to accessories, tools,backpacksbagsshirts, hats, rails, skate gear and media. If a new product can be marketed to the skater market, chances are Element has already thought of it.

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