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New Js Industries Surf Konfusion Surfboard Glass Boards Shortboards White

Once in a while you get that winning model that everyone can enjoy in all conditions from 1- 6 feet. Someone we know stole this board from JS just after creation and to this date tells us that Konfusion is his favorite board of all time. This says a lot coming from a someone who...View more

New Js Industries Surf Monsta X Surfboard Pu Glass Boards Shortboards White

To keep the performance feeling of the MONSTA I focused on exaggerating its small wave capabilities. By increasing concave making it shorter with more outline curve and softer rails it maintained its performance look and feel perfectly when surfed in softer fuller conditions. Features: Performance Surfboards Colour: Clear Rocker: Flat (smallest) exit rocker will create...View more

New Js Industries Surf Monsta 3 Surfboard Soft Boards Shortboards White

Features: MONSTA 3 model is the most all round high performance board in the JS quiver. It’s been credited as the 2013 surfboard of the year by the ASRA as well as playing a majoy part in Parkos WCT victory. Performance Surfboards Colour: Clear Concave: Single to double Rocker: Medium exit rocker and slight entry...View more

New Js Industries Quikshift Surfboard Boards Shortboards White

This replica LE model is one of the most sought after models in the history of the JS Company due to the strategically placed volume wider outline traditional LE swallow tail and flatter rocker with single to double concave. All winning combinations suited to 80kg/ 176lbs plus surfers who appreciate volume boards and sensitivity combined....View more

New Js Industries Surf Monsta Surfboard Pu Glass Boards Shortboards White

MONSTA was the most ridden model in Joel Jacks and many others WCT quiver’s for 2012. It went in almost every condition that was thrown at it Snapper Trestles Rio and Santa Cruz to name a few. Its soul purpose is to fill the void between very poor and very good waves; which for the...View more

New Js Industries Surf Revolution Ii Surfboard Boards Shortboards Natural

Features: Surfboards Colour: Clear Made from: carbon fibre composite Leading performer for small waves 5 plug FCS set up Rounded pin for speed through turns Designed for 0-4 foot waves Medium railsView more