People often ask me what makes the perfect pair of bodyboarding fins (well, sometimes they say flippers, but same diff!).  To be honest, choosing the best pair of fins is not complicated at all, the challenge is simply to find a pair of fins that sit comfortably on your feet without cutting off your circulation or tearing your feet apart. Ill-fitting flippers can cause flipper cuts or sea ulcers, and I can assure you, no human enjoys flipper cuts.

Below we reveal a few of the highest quality brands of bodyboard fins available to get you started on your search for the best pair of fins for your ugly hooves.

churchill-makapuu-bodyboard-fins-300x240The famous Churchill Makapuu fins are the most iconic in the sport. The Nikes of bodyboarding if you will. Every pro has worn a pair at some stage in their career. There are a few reasons why they are so popular. They give you the most power when you kick, the foot pocket is made from soft rubber (so less chance of ulcers) and you’ll look stylish.

There are other brands that have replicated the cut and shape of Churchill. Stealth has their range of fins such as the S2 and S3, which look almost identical. They have price points for beginners and people that are looking for a quality fin and willing to pay a little extra. stealth-s2-black-bodyboard-fins-150x150Essentially all fins give similar thrust depending on the blade length and how strong you’re willing to kick. The dolphin shape has been utilised among bodyboarders since the sport began and is still to this day the most popular.

They all come in various colours depending on your taste and how you want the rest of your set-up to match. You’ve also got brands like Freedom, Limited Edition andAlly fins that have re-interpreted the iconic shape with a hell of a lot more colour options.

fin-saversIf you’re throwing down $70 on a pair of fins, you’ll want to get some fin savers in case they come off while your out in the surf. For little resistance, fin strings are the best. The Velcro straps can give you noticeable drag and don’t look as subtle as strings.

One thing to keep in mind. If you are surfing in tropical waters, your skin becomes softer and more susceptible to ulcers, so own fins with a little bit of  ’give’ you are even more prone to sustaining those nasty gaping wounds. For this reason I would recommend that you consider investing in an extra pair of flippers that is a bit firmer for your kit, if only as a backup pair in case you lose one!

At the end of the day you really want to get a pair of fins that suit the shape of your foot and have a soft foot pocket, yet are firm fitting around your foot without restricting blood flow. There’s so many colours and brands to choose from, that the finer details of your fin choice come down to your own personal tastes.   The best thing to do is browse the range, try a pair that tickle your fancy and see how they go. Click the link below to start browsing for a set of new fins now!

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