The VS bodyboarding brand was introduced to the marketing only two short years ago, and is already one of the most popular bodyboard brands in Australia. You only need to look at the groms at your local beach and notice the abundance of the VS logo emblazoned across their boards, to know that VS boards are a huge hit, and there’s definitely a good reason for that, as you are about to find out!

VS Bodyboards are arguably the highest quality bodyboards on the market. Rather than wasting time developing entry level models, the crew behind the development and shaping of the VS bodyboard range are seasoned boogin’ professionals, with each VS bodyboard model being a collaboration between the industry’s best shapers and riders. The result, is that all of the models in the VS range are equivalent to the specs the pros use, so that hopefully you too will be riding like a pro when you get your hands on a VS board. It’s no wonder that dudes like Ryan Hardy, Joe Clarke and Mitch Rawlins have all rocked bodyboards of the VS variety at some stage in their careers.

Ok, before we get started, here’s a quick bit of background behind the brand name, before we look at the various models of VS Bodyboards. It probably doesn’t come as any surprise to you that VS is an abbreviation – the full brand name is actually The Versus Project. But let’s face it, the big bold black VS, looks way cooler printed on the deck of a bodyboard thanversus bodyboards does, so the abbreviated VS is how it is more affectionately recognised by the bodyboarding community.

Ok, now let’s check out the VS body board selection:

The 2011 range of VS Bodyboards range in price from about $230 (Australian dollars) up to around $430, depending on the model you choose. The great thing about the entire VS board range, is that every model that VS produces is essentially a ‘performance board’ using the most high-tech materials and modern templates available. Unlike a lot of other bodyboard companies, they don’t have any cheap crappy boards in their range (well, not for the moment at least!).

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The concept & quality of VS bodyboarding gear:

You’re probably wondering how the bizarre name for VS came about. The Versus Project, or VS for short, was actually a side project of well-respected bodyboard manufacturer Nomad (also known as NMD). The idea behind the Versus bodyboards brand, was to bring on board (pardon the pun) the best bodyboarders in the world who worked closely with their shapers to produce the VS range – a range of boards of the highest quality and performance standards which, despite their different specifications, could equally match each other in the water (hence the whole ‘versus’ vibe). The three riders who helped VS get off the ground were Ryan Hardy and his shaper Todd Quigley, Mitch Rawlins and his shaper Jarrod Gibson and Perrie Louis Costes (shaper unkown).


VS Bodyboards are some of the most premium bodyboards available on the market. Designed by pro bodyboarders with quality and performance in mind, investing in a VS board will ensure you are always surfing to the best of your abilities, whether it be busting huge inverts, air-dropping into a massive slab, or releasing the rail to throw yourself into a quick spin into a critical section of a long clean barrel. In other words, these boards are made with peak performance in mind, hence their fantastic reputation and popularity amongst the bodyboarding community. Priced from $229, a VS bodyboard won’t break the bank, but will ensure that you’re surfing your best.Plus, that VS logo just looks so darn cool that all your mates will be super jealous of your shiny new VS bodyboard while they’re all riding Morey boards from 5 years ago…!

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