Relative to the Aussie population, the choice of Australian Online Bodyboard Stores is probably one of the largest and best in the world.  Of course, it makes sense when you consider the number of world class bodyboarders and world class surfbreaks that Australia is home to.  Our 7 modern wonders of the bodyboarding world include Ben Player, Shark Island, Ryan Hardy, Shipsterns Bluff, Mitch Rawlins The Box and Eppo.

But enough bragging on how lucky we are in Oz to have talented riders and super fun waves, lets take a look at the 7 best Australian bodyboard shops that Australia has to offer.

  1. inverted-bodyboard-shopInverted Bodyboard Shop – Also known as Bodyboardmart, this is not just an online bodyboard store, but also 4 physical stores spread across Queensland and New South Wales.
    These guys concentrate on quality and high performance equipment only, so don’t expect to find any entry level boards here… after all, the store is called Bodyboard Mart, not K-Mart!  One of the strongest reputations in the industry, and rightly so. Read the full review >>
  2. body-board-kingBodyboard King – Bodyboard King has a bit of a cult following, for a couple of reasons. Firstly it’s owned and run by Toby Player, brother to Ben Player (a former world bodyboarding champ) and a bloody good rider in his own right. Secondly, the store was previously branded cheekily as Booger King, obviously a spoof of a well known fast food chain before shit got nasty and the legal team stepped in. A sense of humour and a sense of pride in the sport mean this store is a favourite among many, particularly guys from NSW where this store is based. Read the full review >>
  3. body-board-shopBodyboard Shop – This store has recently undergone a facelift, and we must say, the new look logo and online store is definitely a refreshing change. Not that the old store was anything to complain about, since it was founded and run all the way up until last year by none other than the legend himself, Michael ‘Eppo’ Epplestun. Still, every good thing comes to an end, and we have a feeling  Bodyboardshop is about to reach a whole new level of goodness as the new management takes charge.  Read the full review >>
  4. ibodyboardiBodyboard – Ever so slightly daggy, but also more than slightly cool, with a range that extends well beyond the norm in comparison to the other bodyboard stores mentioned here. From entry level boards all the way through to professional setups, as well as a few random bits and pieces like fluro 90′s watches, it’s hard not to find something to suit all tastes in the iBodyboard online store. Read the full review >>
  5. –  This store is bought to you by Bodyboarders Surf Co, also known as BSC. These guys are one of the biggest bodyboarding retailers in Australia, and for a good reason. They consistently have a solid range of boards, competitive pricing,  and stock all of the best quality equipment on the market.  If high performance gear and an extensive range are what you are after, you can’t really go wrong at BSC.Read the full review >>
  6. burleigh-bodyboard-shopBurleigh Bodyboard Shop – It sounds like a local bodyboard store, but Burleigh Bodyboard Shop was previously another one of Eppo’s stores back in the day. It was renamed a few years ago when ownership changed, and has become something of a local icon in terms of sponsorships and local rider support, but has a great range that is easily world class, and not just a local bodyboard store. Read the full review >>
  7. body-board-factoryBodyboard Factory– There’s always got to be one reliable store in the list for a decent bargain, and Bodyboard Factory is it.   We’re pretty sure we’ve never seen a board at Bodyboard Factory that has had the recommended retail price tag on it – every single board is discounted….and there are some absolute bargains to be a had! There’s also a Bodyboard Factory Outlet on the Gold Coast in Queensland for those who prefer to stroke their potential purchases in the flesh, rather than on a laptop screen. Read the full review >>
  8. 662-bodyboard-shop662 Bodyboard Shop –  662 has Hawaiian roots, and is probably the only bodyboarding retail store from overseas that has made a mark on the Australian market. Their range isn’t quite as extensive, although they do have access to a few of the U.S. brands that are harder to find in the rest of the Australian-focused stores listed on this page. Read the full review >>