Mike Stewart is arguably the father of modern wave riding. Stewart has proven himself to be one of the most versatile wave masters as a tow-in surfer, bodyboarder, and bodysurfer. He is one of the few to earn the title of Mr. Pipeline at North Shore. Stewart is a pioneer and partially responsible in the explosion in bodyboarding popularity in recent years. It is little wonder that Mike Stewarts’ Science bodyboard brand, is one of the most well respected in the industry.

Science Bodyboards promote more than just the boards themselves, Mike Stewart promotes the lifestyle. With his documentary “Fire” he explores the sport and the community. Science has provided exposure to the sport to new audiences and bodyboarders alike. Unique among other brands Science is going out of it’s way to give back and add to the community. “Fire” hopefully being the “Endless Summer” of bodyboards will bring in new interest and blood the experience we all know and love. mike-stewart-science-bodyboardsInstead of allowing himself to settle for being the best on the beach Stewart and his brand is making what he loves even better and transforming the community. Science has more to offer than just the typical range of boards. It offers everything a bodyboarders needs to grow and perform with the pro’s.

Science boasts one of the greatest onlinebodyboard shops. Your basic boards start at less than $60, not to bad for quality. If you are looking for a new midrange board then you can buy body boards of the best quality that you can find in large manufacture. It’s the performance boards that Science provides that make the brand so competitive. With such a large brand following, their shapers get feedback from all over the world about what is working on what waves. They have new design every run and are constantly improving on the fundamentals of the board. All of their professional grade boards are solid models that are more than just window dressing in a surf shop. The constant design for not just performance but durability is what makes Science the board to keep. However the greatest part of their online shopping experience isn’t even off the shelf.

There is a reason the brand is called “Science”. The brand offers full customization. Getting constant feedback from professional and amateur boarders from five continents allows for the most extreme customization.  Any size you need with every material available.You can build the perfect board to match you and your favorite surf. Stewart has provided the most analytical custom boards in the business. You and all of your friends can ride on boards customized for every unique style while all riding the same brand.

Mike Stewart has cultivated one of the greatest followings in the sport. Every brand boasts pro’s that it sponsors but rarely do they know how to work with them to the degree he has. It’s one thing to have the best on your board but Science shows how to get the most out of this relationship. The groms that followed him are now providing him with a complete perspective on just how to make next year’s board for every market.


If you are only going to ride on one brand the rest of your life make itScience. Stewart isn’t making bodyboards more fun, he is making bodyboarding more fun.

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