Riding a wave properly is one of the simplest manoeuvres in the sport of bodyboarding, but if it’s not performed properly it will hinder all of the otherbodyboarding tricks in your repetoire.

The secret in knowing how to ride a wave is proper board positioning on the wave face, and the appropriate distribution of body weight across your board.  The aim is to secure your rail in the face of the wave. A common problems that a novice will probably experience is slide slipping, when you might find yourself sliding sideways down the face of the wave heading towards the beach, rather than parallel to the beach and along the wave’s face. This occurs when you don’t set your rail properly, and can often be counteracted by ensuring that your inside hip is resting on the inside rail of your board, and pulling up on the outside rail of the board with your outside hand.

Keeping legs and arms out of the water as much as possible also reduces drag to increase your speed.  Whenever you can, practice leaning forward, lifting your outside hand and keeping your legs free of the water and you’ll soon find yourself being able to control your speed instinctively from one section of the wave to the next.