The reverse spin, often referred to simply as the bodyboard reverse, can look pretty damn dramatic if pulled in a critical section of the wave. Learning how to do a reverse spin is quite difficult, as it’s a move that requires several key steps.

Here’s how to initiate the bodyboard reverse. After bottom turning and building up as much speed as possible, head towards the top of the wave. A this moment, unweight your board and release your rails near your tail, by leaning far forward, and begin to arc the board back around towards the source. Think of it like the start of a cutback, but without any weight on the rails so that they don’t grab into the face of the wave.

Now, really concentrate on making the nose of your board the hub for your reverse spin. Use the torque of your initial turn to give your spin momentum. By leaning far forward you’ll be able to get your legs up out of the water. Then, to help you complete your spin, lower your legs. I shouldn’t need to remind you, but make sure you keep your eyes open and your body centred on your board.

Your reverse spinning rotation should be complete by the time you lower your legs. Oh, and keep your back arched throughout this move.