Those of you who have been members of the bodyboarding community for a few years will remember back in ’99 when Michael ‘Eppo’ Epplestun opened the virtual doors of .  It was a revolutionary event in the Australian bodyboarding scene, as e-commerce hadn’t really taken off at that stage.

2011 was the end of a long era for, with Eppo hanging up his shoes (or should I say fins) and new management taking over the business.  Despite the change in ownership, the store still takes pride in being a store run by bodyboarders for bodyboarders, offering only the best Aussie brands and giving back to the bodyboarding community.

Bodyboard Shop’s online store is focuses on stocking the highest quality core bodyboarding products (you can check for yourself at Rather than spreading themselves too thin and trying and stock all of the latest gimmicky items at the risk of compromising their own product knowledge and quality assurance, they instead just make sure they get the fundamental gear right.  NMD, ID, VS, Turbo and Pride bodyboards are some of their leading board brands, and they also offer a good range of clothing from leading Aussie brands including Summerset, Unite, Grand Flavour and Plastic People.



Back in the days when Eppo owned Bodyboard Shop they had a storefront located at Mooloolaba, however since the change in ownership occured in 2011 this has now closed.  These days the business is still based out of the Sunshine Coast, but without a physical store (only the online shop).

  •, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

What makes unique:

The shelves are graced with the best brands in the industry, hands down.  They don’t really seem to bother with the cheap, sub-standard gear, pretty much everything on offer in their online store is at a quality level most professionals would be stoked with.

There’s often instore promotions to reward big spenders, in fact at the time of writing they are handing out free Traverse DVDs for all orders over $100 (not a bad deal considering the price of DVDs these days!).

Brands stocked by

NMD, ID Bodyboards, Turbo, Pride, VS, Nomad, Stealth, HB, Morey, Science, BZ, N0 6, Toys, Custom X, LMNOP, Funkshen, Unite, Summerset, Grand Flavour, VU, Plastic People, I Am None, Flipmode, Swarm, Churchill, Limited Edition, Toobs, Viper, Zion, Reeflex, Attica, Go Pro, Havaianas

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