Bodyboard Factory opened its doors back in 2006 on the Gold Coast in Queensland. The greatest thing about BodyboardFactory, is the constant stream of discounted boards and awesome sales they have on offer. If you want bargains, these guys should definitely be your first port of call.

This can be appreciated in the flesh if you are lucky enough to live near Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast, as Bodyboard Factory also has a physical bodyboard factory outlet store here, in addition to their online store is located at:

The name ‘body board factory’ is rather ironic, as the store itself is anything but a run-of-the-mill board store. With 25 years of experience behind them, Bodyboard Factory stocks only the best brands in the market, such as Science, Turbo, Toys, VS and Nomad.  And the best part, nearly every one of them is discounted!



The shopfront for Bodyboard Factory is located about 5 minutes from the classic beachies and right hand point break at Burleigh Heads, in a suburb called Varsity Lakes which is the suburb directly West of Burleigh.

  • Bodyboard Factory Outlet, Shop 3/7, Flint Court, Varsity Lakes, Queensland

What makes unique:

The best thing about this store, is their uncanny desire to discount every board they have in stock. Whether it be a brand new 2012 model, or left over stock from a few seasons ago, the discounts just keep a-flowing.

Bodyboard Factory also stock a whole bunch of other good gear, including clothing from most of the major bodyboarding labels, skateboards, and even surf mats and hand planes for those who feel like dabbling in wave riding of a different kind.

And if you’re just starting out, or just looking for a complete new setup on a budget, you can’t go past the Bodyboard Packages on offer for amazing bang for buck (there’s a variety of packages to suit all budgets, and each includes a board, plug, leash, fins and DVD, with the option of also upgrading to include a discounted board cover).

Brands stocked by

4Play, Agent 18, Attica, BZ, Cartel, Curchill, Custom X, Dunes, Elemenohpee, Flipmode, Funkshen, Grand Flavour, Hot Buttered, Hydro, Iamnone, Manta, Morey, NMD, Nomad, Number 6, Pod, Pride, Redly, Rossie, Science, Softlite, Stealth Bodyboards, Summerset, Swarm, Tiki, Toys, Turbo, United, Viper, VS, Zion

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