If someone says they are a Hawaiian local, you don’t mess with them, right? The 662 Bodyboard Shop fits right into that category.  The store was founded in Hawaii, and has now expanded into Australia with 662bodyboardshop.com.au . You got a problem with that? Huh? No? I didn’t think so…

662 Bodyboard Shop opened it’s virtual doors back in 2004, so it’s definitely not a new kid on the block, and their range of bodyboards (categorised neatly into 5 categories; prone, dropknee, big boys, girls and kiddies), is certainly testament to their knowledge of what the customer wants and needs.

662 Bodyboardshop’s online store is a little more limited in choice than some of the other online bodyboard stores in Australia, but perhaps they subscribe to the principle of quality of quanity  (you can decide for yourself –  www.662bodyboardshop.com.au). For example, in the “Prone” section of the site at the time of writing, there were 46 different boards available, we were actually expecting a few more.  Turbo, Empire, BZ, NMD, Toys and VS bodyboards are some of their key board brands. Clothing is also a bit random, from VS bodyboard tshirts through to RVCA boardshorts, DC bucket hats and Tapout hoodies. Let’s face it, you probably wouldn’t turn to 662 to get a new wardrobe of bodyboarding clothing now would you.



As we mentioned earlier, the 662 Bodyboard Shop concept originated in Hawaii, which definitely gives them some serious street cred!  The Australian HQ for 662 is located near Sydney, Australia, however they do not have a physical store, only the online store:

  • 662bodyboardshop.com.au, Sydney, New South Wales

What makes 662BodyboardShop.com.au unique:

The 662bodyboardshop.com.au  always have a few good models of bodyboards on sale, so it’s worth checking back frequently if you are after a bargain.

There’s also free shipping for orders over $199 too, which is a pretty good saving considering that bodyboards often cost a fair bit in shipping.

Brands stocked by 662bodyboardshop.com.au:

Adio, Ally, Almost, Aloe Gator, Anarchy, Angel, Arnette, Astrodeck, ATM, Autobahn, Baker, Belt, Big Swell, Birdhouse, Black Label, Blind, Body Glove, Bodyboarder, Bones, Brixton, Bubble Gum, BZ, Capix, Cartel, Chocolate, Creatures, Creatures of Leisure, Custom X, Da Hui, Dakine, Darkstar, DC, Destructo, DGK, Dog Town, Dragon, DVS, Element, Emerica, Empire, Enjoi, eS, Famous, FKD, Flip, Flojos, Fourplay, Fourstar, Fury, Gayla, Genesis, Globe, Green Apple Tree, Grind King, H2O Odyseey, Habitat, Hawaiin, HB, Headwear, HIC, Himaya, Hook Ups, Hot Tuna, Hubba, Hydro, Independent, Intex, Jacket, Jedidiah, Jet Pilot, KR3W, Kustom, LMNOP, Local Motion, Lucky, Mada, Manta, Matix, Matunas, Metal Mulisha, Mike Stewart Science, Milkshake, Milqueblack, Morey, Mystery, Nikita, NMD, No Fear, No Friends, NO. 6, Nuisance, Oakley, OC Surf n Sport, Ocean and Earth, Ocean Minded, Organika, Osiris Shoes, Pig, Plan B, Plastic People, Pro Teck, Rainbox Sandals, Riot Gear, Ripcurl, Sabre, Sanuk, Seismic, Shoe Goo, Shorty’s, Skate Mafia, Skullcandy, So Cal, Soda, Solarez, Spitfire, Split, Spy, Stealth, Stereo, Sticky Bumps, Supra, T&C, Tavik, Tech Deck, Termite,Thrasher, To Die For, Town & Country, Toy Machine, Toys, Transworld, Tres Noir, Truth, Turbo, Venture, Vertra, Vestal, Viking, VS, Waterman’s, Wave Rebel, Waveskater, West, World Industries, Zero, Zinka, Zoo York,

If you have had any experiences with 662bodyboardshop.com.au (good or bad) please leave your comments below.