The NMD brand is one of the newer brands on the bodyboarding scene, but is rapidly establishing its reputation as one of the best.Nomad bodyboards are quickly gaining respect for having quality, well engineered boards. NMD provides a strait forward gimmick free design that both holds up and stands out.

The NMD boards that have arrived in 2011 are continuing the trend of recognising what body boarders need and consistently delivering. The NMD brand has attracted some of the best talent in the business . Both shapers and riders show their confidence in the water on NMD boards. Matt Lackey,Chris James, Alex Halsey and Damien Martin can attest to Nomad’s superiority. All a part of FSD Nomad’s Free Surf Division they surf with the best boards and test design giving constant feedback to the board shapers and making the board good enough for the pro’s before they are ever released to market. The design model that Nomad has built with its pro bodyboarding and pro shaping team has paid off in full.

buy nomad body board njoyThe Njoy model by Nomad is the no-frills workhorse of the 2011 season. With a new PE core, crosslink decking, HDPE Slick Channels this series is a reminder of what a strong, well designed board can be. The Njoy is proof that NMD Bodyboarding knows what it’s doing and that its shapers are the best in the industry. Besides quality boards that can take a beating NMD boards are unmatched in performance.

The NMD Spec IXL is one of those boards that combines the fined tuned nature of the NMD brand with sleek style and precision. The standard template has been planed to a thinner more structured board. With a handworked Polypro center the Spec IXL is one of the fastest boards out there. The slick bottom takes care of all your friction woes and is complemented with a decking designed to keep water absorption under 1%. For those who are fans of the Njoy but like a bat tailed board the Omni is for you. One of NMD’s most popular The Omni combines a very light body and speed designed channels that make it the perfect board for those who want a faster board to catch every wave. Buffers on the nose and tail complete the package of a fun and fast board.

Nomad boards also offer unique branding that attracts only the best names in the business. Nick Meseritz, one of the best shapers in the profession designed theUnlimited series to make the very best board that you will ever ride. Created to make the smoothest most consistent ride over the long life of the board, it is truly the best board to own if you only ever own one. However NMD makes it hard to own just one and there are many designers and pros who have established the Unlimited series.

Dave Winchester’s Polypro bat tail, Ben Player’s crescent and bat tails, and the spec LTDare additional models to the Nomad bodyboard range, and are each high-tech and high-spec testimonials of where Nomad is taking the future of bodyboarding equipment.

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