The Morey brand is iconic in the bodyboarding industry – it is the brand that made body boarding popular globally way back when it first started producing boards in the 80′s, and the Morey bodyboards are still a force to reckon with today. Tom Morey made his first splash with his Morey Boogie ‘Boogie Boards’ in the late 80′s and early 90′s and he has made consistently great boards ever since. The Boogie boards have become an icon of retro-wave riding as many of the pros remember their first time out, falling in love with the sport on Morey’s. Over the years, Morey has sponsored countless pro bodyboards, most of whom can give testimonials to catching their first waves as groms on the clunky foam Boogieboards of yesteryear. Anyway, enough of the history lessons – the Morey bodyboard brand has a lot to offer these days besides nostalgia.
The brand has evolved with the changes in technology, and the increasing needs for quality and performance by the bodyboarding community, and continues to pump out some of the best bodyboards in the marketplace year after year.

Ben Severson was one of the original Morey Boogie team riders.

Being one of the biggest players in the market, Morey bodyboards offer a rather hefty range spanning from low level intermediate boards through to ultra high spec professional boards….in other words, Morey’s got something for everyone.  Oh, and one of the thing we like best about Morey, is that they have never lost their late eighties/early nineties graphic style, which continues to give their brand the authenticity and character which reflects their roots as the brand that brought performance bodyboarding to the mainstream (in a good way, of course).

The fact that Morey are still making bodyboards is a testament to their unswerving focus to bring new blood into the sport. As one of the only brands that markets to the youngest groms through to seasoned adult boogers,  they offer a wide range of products.

The Bodyboards of Morey

The Big Kahuna offers a bit more….literally. It’s made as an entry level board for the dude that is a little bit bigger than your average joe.  The Kahuna is a good buy for the casual booger that wants to get bang for buck without spending the big bucks.

The Morey Dre is the signature Morey model for one of the world’s best lidders, Andre Botha. It’s made to Andre’s specs (exactly the same as the board he rides every day, in fact). It looks a bit wild with its deck contours and crazy slick graphics, but it’s an awesome board in terms of performance and won’t hold you back from charging like a maniac.

The Mach series is the line of bodyboards where it all began. Despite being the chosen model of board for many pros back in the nineties, in recent years Morey lost a bit of its reputation as the ‘board for the Pro’, but the 2011 Morey Mach series makes it a real contender. The Mach7′s and 9′s are swift, sleek, highly responsive and high performance boards.  The only drawback that we see, is that the old-school style that gives Morey so much character is suspiciously absent. Theses performance boards look and feel quite similar to the new school brands such as NMD and VS – and we can’t help but feel like they’ve taken a classic brand and tried to over-modernize it to compete against the modern competitors, rather than play to its retro strengths. They provide everything you want in a solid ride but are obviously trying to play down the whole Morey Boogie boogie board image, which to be honest, we don’t want to let go of. It’s cheesy in a cool, retro kind of way.  Anyway, it’s purely aesthetic but it is certainly deliberate.