The question of how to do a forward spin is not a difficult one. The bodyboarding forward spin (or as novices might call it, the bodyboard 360) is one of the most basic bodyboarding moves, however it can also become the opener for a variety of innovative more advanced moves.

The key to nailing the forward spin, or spinner, is understanding where the pivot point at the base of your bodyboard is. Once you’ve worked that out, this move starts to flow quite naturally.

To initiate a forward spin, move your weight forward on your board while riding the wave until you discover your release point. You’ll know when you’ve found it, because you’ll feel the edge of the board being released from the wave, and the bottom of your board will meet the angle of the face of the wave. To establish the spinning motion you will need to turn back into yourself, throwing your momentum into the spin. Keep your body centred and well up on your board.  At this stage your legs should be in no danger of colliding with any part of the wave – we suggest crossing your ankles over above your bum because not only does it look neat and orderly, but it also keeps your centre of gravity in check.  Follow the motion through, and on your full rotation, to lock back into your direciton, simply lower your legs and obtain an edge.

If you’ve got the forward spin sorted out, here’s a challenge for you. Try using your momentum to throw you into a double forward spin – in fact, let us know if you can nail the double spin, using the comments box below!