There’s nothing that screams Aussie surf culture in the 90’s more than that familiar sound of the velcro strip of your favourite wallet being ripped open to dig for change. If you’re lucky, you might even find a couple coins to buy a can of Coke and a bag of Twisties.

We’re back to the future with this selection of modern classic velcro wallets. Snap one up so that you can re-live your youth, or maybe even treat one the next generation of youths to this Aussie financial staple.

Town and Country (T&C) Surf Designs Nylon Velcro Wallet

If you are seeking authentic colours of the nineties, you can’t go past hot pink. This T&C nylon velcro number nails it, from the classic materials and contrasting detailing, to the centred classic logo patch.

Get yours for $19.99

Rusty Comp Wash Trifold Velcro Wallet

For me, the canvas look on this Rusty wallet brings back all the feels of childhood pre-2000. With a few handy bells and whistles inside, this is actually a really functional piece of kit.

Get it for $19.99

Billabong Tribong Lite Tri Fold Velcro Wallet

Would it even be the 1990’s if we didn’t feature a few loud patterns. This one for the Billabong team is a classic print, with all the bells & whistles you’d expect in a three-fold velcro number.

Grab it for $22.99.

Rip Curl Archive Surf Velcro Wallet

Corduroy…what a beautiful material it is. Why it would be used to make wallets we’ll never know but let’s not question it, and simply enjoy this piece of nostalgia from Rip Curl for all that it is.

Get it for $24.99

Quiksilver Everydaily Velcro Wallet

Another classic colourway from another classic brand, Quiksilver has brought back this slimmer version for those prefer to keep things, um, subtle.

Get it for $19.99.