Whichever genius conjured up the concept of using towelling to create a poncho-like hoodie should win a Nobel prize. The hooded towel is to surfers, what an Akubra hat is to a stockman. You can literally live in one, and it makes the dash into 7-11 after a surf all the easier.

After speaking with our pals within the industry, here are the most popular surf hoodies on the market right now.

Volcom Anti Bad Vibe Shield Hooded Towel

If blending in is not your thing, Volcom’s Anti Bad Vibe Shield hoodie might just be what the doctor ordered. With a classic print designed by Ozzy Wrong, how could you go, ah, wrong with this eye-catching wearable artwork.

Get yours for just $90

T&C Surf OG CF Hooded Towel

A glance at the classic yin and yang emblem on the chest is all you need to know this surf poncho comes from the always retro-inspired crew at Town & Country Surf Designs.

Snap one up for just $79.99

FCS Hooded Towel

When it’s function that matters of all else, this is your calling. The FCS Hooded Towel does exactly what’s written on the packet.

Yours for only $89.95.

Ocean and Earth Strike Hooded Towel

If you like your surf ponchos served with a slice of nineties vibes, this one from O&E should satisfy your cravings.

Get yours for $85.